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Together for EMBRACeing ChangE

EMBRACE is an international consortium involving 14 partners which places particular emphasis on combining excellence in innovative interdisciplinary research. The unique mix of disciplinary angles of EMBRACE include EU integration studies and EU foreign affairs (JMU, UM, UGent, SU, ELIAMEP), transition studies (Berghof, JMU, FPN, ARI), peace and conflict studies (UMAN, UESA, FPN, PalThink), comparative autocracy research (UM, ARI), cultural studies and geography (UdL, FPN), international relations (JMU, ILIAUNI), EU law studies (UESA), social movement studies (Berghof, ARI) and area studies (ARI, ELIAMEP, FPN, ILIAUNI, UGent). A second core aspect of the EMBRACE consortium is the in-depth awareness of the context and stakeholder access within the regions under study. Two of the consortium partners are EU-based partners with local offices in MENA countries (Berghof in Lebanon, ARI in Tunisia and Lebanon). Four partners come from the European neighbourhood (ILIAUNI, UESA, FPN, PalThink). They play a vital role in collecting and analysing evidence, in testing policy tools and in disseminating and exploiting the consortium’s findings. With its partnership-based approach, EMBRACE fosters cooperation between universities, research institutes, and think tanks based in EU and non-EU countries, enabling mutual learning, exchanging expertise and knowledge and enriching EUDP analysis.

EMBRACE partner locations, countries under investigation and regions under investigation

Leading institution:
Berghof Foundation Operations gGmbH (Berghof)